Superintendent of Schools, 2014-Present

Adjunct Professor of School Law, 2016-Present

Board of Education President, 2013-2015

Board of Education Member, 2011-2015

Key Accomplishments through Collaboration:

  • Led the improvement of student academic achievement, which resulted in the third most improved school in the State of Illinois for 2015 based upon State assessment data (an increase of 857 ranking spots in one school year);
  • Led the implementation of a student personalized learning focus, NWEA assessments to support data-driven student learning and growth targets, and intervention programs to improve student learning and positive behavior (RtI and PBIS programs);
  • Formulated partnership with a State University to provide ongoing professional development for all teachers and staff relative to instructional technology and student personalized learning;
  • Implemented 1:1 technology program and high-quality technology infrastructure to ensure adequate Wi-Fi access for all students, staff, and visitors;
  • Through collaborative processes, led the creation of a technology scope and sequence to facilitate student learning through the utilization of instructional technology;
  • Actively led capital improvement renovation projects to improve the learning environments in a fiscally responsible manner;
  • Successful experience with balancing budgets and implementing fiscal controls to ensure an overall strong financial position;
  • Actively led the design and development of  branding and public relations solutions;
  • Ongoing collaboration with legislators, business owners, and other stakeholders to create partnerships and facilitate active involvement;
  • Led and contributed to the creation of new schools from scratch; and
  • Established Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in schools.